Why buy a two stage variable speed furnace?

Traditional furnaces are designed to heat your home, and keep you warm during the coldest weather. 
Therefore, they operate at one level - high. That means that every time your furnace starts 
and begins heating your home, it is putting out the maximum 
amount of BTU's that your furnace or HVAC system is designed for. 
The trouble with that is that in our area of the country 
the temperatures fluctuate and many winter days can be somewhat mild.
 On these mild days you don't need that full capacity to heat your home.  
This is where the two-stage furnace will help you feel more comfortable and save you money at the same time! 
Unlike traditional furnaces that turn on and run at full capacity with each demand for heating, 
two-stage furnaces start out by running in its first stage, which uses only about 68% of its capacity. 
This reduced capacity is sufficient enough to warm your home on those mild winter days. When the temperature 
outside drops, the furnace will meet the extra demand by adjusting to the second stage in the heating cycle.

What are the advantages of two-stage heating?

With a two Stage furnace you get Efficient Operation: 
Because the furnace spends the majority of its time operating in its lower capacity (first or single stage), 
it burns less fuel than a traditional furnace that always runs at full capacity and then shuts off when heating 
demand is met.
Consistent Comfort: 
Thanks to two-stage furnace technology, the temperature inside your home should vary only a few degrees
versus the larger temperature swings that are common with traditional single stage furnaces.
2 Quiet Comfort: 
Because a two-stage furnace starts in its first stage, when the level and amount of heat required is lower, 
and runs in this stage the majority of the time, it greatly reduces the noise associated with furnaces that turn on 
and run full blast. Two-stage technology means quiet comfort.
Improved Air Filtration: 
A two-stage furnace provides more consistent airflow and with more consistent airflow comes improved air 
infiltration, especially if you have a high efficient air filter such as Electro Air, Generalaire, Aprilaire, White Rodgers
or any other filter brand.  Check our replacement filters section. 

Variable Speed Technology 2

When your furnace is installed, the speed and airflow for your home is set depending up your specific situation, 
such as size of your home, etc.
However, there are situations that can occur within the household to restrict airflow such as ductwork design, 
unit location, zoning or dirty filters, to name just a few. 
Think of variable-speed Furnaces and heating systems as your insurance for home comfort the way you prefer it. 
The variable-speed technology ensures that your home receives the amount of air required to keep you and your 
family safe and comfortable. 
Variable speed motors have intelligent technology that monitor incoming data from the blower and adjust 
accordingly so you can feel confident that your system is working to keep you comfortable. 
The furnace that uses this technology is called the 2 two-stage variable-speed furnace. 
The two-stage, variable-speed furnace not only provides you with the most comfort of any other furnace on 
the market, it is also the most efficient! 
With the two stage technology combined with the variable-speed technology you save money on your energy bill 
with gas as well as the electricity. This furnace is by far the cheapest furnace to operate. When you combine this 
furnace with a high efficiency air conditioner, a high efficiency air cleaner, humidifier, and a zoning system 
you will experience the ultimate in home comfort levels.
What are the benefits of variable-speed technology?
Electrical Efficiency: 
Variable-speed motors can actually save you money on your energy bill as they consume less electricity than 
standard motors.
Cooling Efficiency: 
Having a variable-speed furnace as part of your home's comfort system means you will gain air conditioning efficiency 
or SEER. The higher the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) the more energy efficient the unit. 
This means even more energy savings for your residential home heating system .
Indoor Air Quality: 
With the low operating costs of the variable-speed furnace you can run your blower 24 hours a day without the worries 
of driving up your utility bill. This allows your air cleaner to continuously filter your air removing the allergens and harmful 
pollutants from your indoor air. This also helps with removing hot and cold spots within your home which will make you 
much more comfortable. This is important for people with Asthma, Allergies etc.