21-Point Inspection


Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance & Inspection Regularly $135.  Early Bird Special $99 + HST Until May 15th, 2021.



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Fall Furance
Maintenance Inspection

  1. Furnace: Check Thermostat
  2. Furnace: Inspect Heat Exchanger (primary and secondary if applicable)
  3. Furnace: Check / Lubricate Fan or Pump Motor (as applicable)
  4. Furnace: Check Blower Motor Amps (as applicable)
  5. Furnace: Check Filter System (clean / replace if customer has filter)
  6. Furnace: Check Pilot Burner / Flame Rod (clean as required)
  7. Furnace: Check Safety Controls (wiring / condition / application)
  8. Furnace: Check and Adjust Heat Rise (as required)
  9. Furnace: Test for Carbon Monoxide (flue / atmosphere)
  10. Furnace: Check Humidifier Damper Position (seasonal – winter open)
  11. Furnace: Inspect Gas Piping (code compliance)
  12. Furnace: Inspect Chimney / Venting System
  13. Furnace: Clean Burners (as required)
  14. Furnace: Clean Blower (as required; removal of blower is an additional charge if required)
  15. Furnace: Clean Secondary Heat Exchanger (as required, additional charge)
  16. Furnace: Check Condensate Pump / Lines (clean as required, additional charge)
  17. Furnace: Check Firing Rate (adjust as required)
  18. Furnace: Inspect Electrical Connections (tighten, clean as required)
  19. Furnace: Check System Airflow
  20. Furnace: Locate / Identify System Switch and / or Breaker
  21. Furnace: Camera Inspection (as required)

Spring AC
Maintenance Inspection

  1. Air Conditioner: Check Thermostat (function, settings, location)
  2. Air Conditioner: Check/Lubricate Furnace Fan Motor (as applicable)
  3. Air Conditioner: Check Blower Motor amps (as applicable)
  4. Air Conditioner: Check Filter System (clean/replace if customer has filter)
  5. Air Conditioner: Check Contactor (clean as required)
  6. Air Conditioner: Inspect Condenser Fan Motor and Blades
  7. Air Conditioner: Check Condenser Coil (clean as required, additional charge)
  8. Air Conditioner: Check Compressor
  9. Air Conditioner: Check Refrigerant Line Temperature
  10. Air Conditioner: Check Evaporator Temperature Drop
  11. Air Conditioner: Check Humidifier Damper Position (seasonal-summer closed)
  12. Air Conditioner: Check Condensate Pump/Lines (clean as required, additional charge)
  13. Inspect Electrical Connections (tighten, clean as required)
  14. Air Conditioner: Check Capacitors (for leakage/ function)
  15. Air Conditioner: Check Electrical Loads/Current Draw
  16. Air Conditioner: Clear Debris from Condenser
  17. Air Conditioner: Inspect Service Valves
  18. Air Conditioner: Clean Blower (as required; removal of blower is an additional charge if required)
  19. Air Conditioner: Inspect Evaporator Coil (clean as required if accessible, additional charge)
  20. Air Conditioner: Locate/Identify System Switch and/or Breaker
  21. Air Conditioner: Check and Advise Customer on Performance and Air Distribution