Home strategies to offset pain at the pump

What to do when pain at the pump is putting the pinch on your budget? Save more at home with these easy solutions to offset your energy costs!

Some may only require a critical look around your home, while others entail a modest investment of time and a trip to your local hardware store. To maximize your efforts – and maintain your budget – it’s often best to prioritize with a “punch list” of options:


It’s the quickest way to reduce unintended electrical use, since simply plugging into an outlet drains energy quickly. Survey every room in your house and unplug lamps and appliances you don’t use every day. Blenders, toasters and other appliances can go days without use, posing a collective drain on your wallet. TVs, computers and game systems can be plugged into a strip that you can easily switch on when you want to use them.

Set it. But don’t forget it.

Programmable thermostats are the best option for energy savings, but what if a replacement isn’t in the budget? First, move any lamps away from your thermostat to avoid triggering it unnecessarily; then, develop the habit of adjusting it when you leave home, when you return and before you go to sleep.


The numbers prove CFL bulbs are the big winner over incandescent lighting. If you can’t afford to switch every bulb at once, replace those used most often first. Then, create a monthly calendar to switch over incrementally.

Remember: Hot water = cold cash.

Water heaters should be set to 120 degrees. If yours is currently set at 140 degrees, you can reduce energy use by up to 20 percent– and your shower will be just as comfortable.

Catch a cool summer breeze.

Ceiling fans are not only attractive, they also keep rooms cooler in the summertime—but only if they’re rotating blades counter-clockwise to keep the air flowing downward.

Flip that filter.

Changing your air conditioner filter every season makes the air you breathe inside cleaner and reduces stress on your HVAC system, offering potential energy and utility savings. Learn more ways to keep indoor air clean with Lennox® IAQ products.

Do a little greenscaping.

Outdoor units stay cooler when shaded by trees or shrubs that allow airflow around the air conditioner. In fact, shaded systems can run 10 percent more efficiently. It’s also important to keep any plantings far enough away from the unit to allow a technician to service it.

Tune into preventive maintenance.

Regular tune-ups are good for your car, and they’re good for your HVAC system, too. Year-round maintenance reduces the risk of inconvenient malfunctions (like a system failure on the hottest summer day). Contact us today to discuss a maintenance contract.