Protect against bursting pipes

The Cool-Tel on line portal is a secure website that allows the Cool-Tel owner to log in and see at a glance the status of all the Cool-Tel units installed.

To make it easy to manage (some users have over 500 units installed) the Cool-Tel portal allows the devices to be grouped. Normally this would be by location, or by region, but there are no restrictions. Any group can contain any number of Cool-Tel units, and a single unit can be in multiple groups.

After logging in to the portal, the owner can see at a glance the status of all the Cool-Tel groups that have been configured. Groups containing units that have strayed from the limits set are highlighted, inviting the user to click through to the detailed report on each unit.

The database contains every report from the Cool-Tel units, and it is possible to view this data as a table or graphically. The portal makes it easy to look at the overall picture of a group, as well as the temperature history of each sensor individually.

One of the advantages of Cool-Tel is the alert generation and reporting facilities. Once logged in, the authorized user is able to configure an e-mail address and mobile phone to be alerted. The portal allows simple rules to be configured. If temperatures outside the configured range are detected, the nominated people will be contacted.

Advanced users with complex systems may wish to configure more complex rules where different actions take place at different times of day. Switching on reporting is a simple option for each group. With reporting enabled, the portal will regularly examine the data from the group of devices, and compile a report to be e-mailed to the nominated address. The report can be stored as part of an audit record. The Cool-Tel portal maintains a copy of all reports generated for 5 years, and historic reports can be downloaded by authorized users.

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